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Evan McMullin’s sole purpose is to defeat Trump


Those conservatives who cannot stomach a vote for Donald Trump should think long and hard before casting their ballot for Utah Mormon candidate Evan McMullin. Since he arrived on the scene out of nowhere, we have suspected he is an establishment plant to keep an anti-establishment candidate Trump out of the White House. Now there is proof.

In a recent interview, Evan McMullin states:

“We’re on the ballot or registered as write-in in 34 states. By the time we get to November 8, it will be 40 to 45, and that’s plenty for our strategy, which is not a conventional strategy. We’re not trying to win 270 votes — of course that would be great, but it is just not going to happen. This is a three-month presidential campaign, so what we’re trying to do is earn enough Electoral Votes to block Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump if the race between both of them is close that we are able to do that by winning one or two states. So that’s the idea, but if not that, then we will be, you know, happy to have prevented someone who I believe is a true authoritarian from taking power in the United States and that is Donald Trump.”

He readily admits that he has absolutely no chance of actually winning the election. So Evan McMullin is saying that he hopes to keep both mainstream candidates from reaching the needed 270 electoral votes to win, and if he can’t do that, he at least wants to keep Trump out of the White House. This means he finds the pro-abortion-in-all-cases, lying, email-deleting, U.S. military abandoning Clinton favorable to Trump.

Evan McMullin is a former CIA employee, and he also worked for Goldman Sachs. It is apparent to this writer that Evan McMullin is part of the “never Trump” GOP group, and to vote for him is to vote for Clinton.

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